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Sissy Duncan, owner of Hello Gorgeous Beauty Lounge in Matthews, NC, initially reached out to me regarding a sign she wanted for her new salon space. She had found her inspiration (below) on Pinterest and we were able to customize from there. 

While the Luxe logo from the photo fell out beautifully in a circle, the rectangular style of the Hello Gorgeous Beauty Lounge did not. When centered, it left more open space at the bottom, and not as much at the top. She wanted to leave room at the top for flowers.

Staring at my hexagon corkboard on my office wall, I gave her the idea to change the shape. Geometrical shapes like hexagons are trending in the interior design world right now, and also would work with the theme she was going for. Her logo fit perfectly in the new shape and suddenly, our sign was taking shape! (pun intended) 

When Sissy realized we could do more than just a sign, we made an appointment to conceptualize the new space. We also collaborated through a Pinterest board to throw ideas off of each other. From the beginning, she was set on having these large peony graphics in her space. 

They are absolutely gorgeous and we put them in 4 different corners throughout the salon. Here's a look at the lobby where these peonies were a nice pop of color and accent behind the front desk. 


Next, we needed exterior graphics for the doors and windows. She wanted to be able to see out but not everyone be able to look in at the front desk, especially at night. We chose one-way window perforation for the front door, and also on the break room window for privacy. This also helps keep out the heat from the sunlight beaming through the glass. 

I love how everything turned out and Sissy was so wonderful to work with. Wishing her many years of success and happiness in her new space! 

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