Ice Dog Sandwich Wienermobile

The Wienermobile has become a frequent visitor around here. We have been pretty lucky to work with Oscar Mayer and their marketing agency, McGarry Bowen, on several occasions. 

In fact, the Wienermobile sits in front of our shop right now awaiting pickup, and it's become a popular photo spot for people passing by. 

We thought wrapping the giant hot dog on wheels was unique but then we were asked to wrap it in a fun new design to feature the Ice Dog Sandwich!

After it left our shop, the newly designed Wienermobile showed up on the streets of New York for the big product unveil on Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Still not sure how to feel about the concept of this sweet treat but we obviously love 💗 the graphics!

I wonder if anyone reading this has actually tried an Ice Dog Sandwich?


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