RNDC of South Carolina

We're thrilled to have RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) of South Carolina as a new customer. RNDC is the 2nd largest wine and spirits distributor in the US serving as a product liaison between suppliers and those who sell alcoholic beverages by creating branded products and productivity for both parties.

So where do we come in?

Signage for RNDC

We produce all of the graphics to help RNDC market and brand the beverages they represent. We create a wide-range of materials to increase visibility in the stores to make those beverages eye-catching and appealing to the consumer.

Within a month of coming on board, we've created the following graphics for RNDC: window graphics, wall graphics & murals, floor graphics, countertop wraps & mats, poster boards, menu boards, door wraps, banners, vehicle wraps, cooler wraps and a new experiment for us bollard covers. 

Bollard Cover

Some of you are probably wondering, "what's a bollard cover?" Well, do you know those yellow (typically) poles in front of a store? Those are Bollards which are protective posts designed to prevent vehicle impact on buildings, protect pedestrians at intersections, and act as a decorative traffic guide. There are a variety of covers and sleeves designed for bollards including the triangular version we created which maximizes advertising into the parking lot with a highly visual display. RNDC asked us to produce 250 covers for their stores around South Carolina with various liquors including the Fireball shown above. 

They're always thinking of new ways to advertise and we enjoy getting to use a variety of substrates to achieve their goals.

RNDC Print

Cheers 🍻 to RNDC and a HUGE thank you for choosing us as your new graphics company!

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